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Cangandala National Park is a national park in Malanje Province, Angola. It is situated between the Cuije river and 2 unnamed territories of the Cuanza, with the towns of Culamagia and Techongolola on the edges of the park. It is the smallest national park in Angola. The park was created in 1963 while Angola was a territory under Portuguese rule. It was declared a national park on 25 June 1970. Cangandala was originally founded to protect the Giant Sable Antelope which were discovered in 1963. The park, which covers an area of 600 km², consists of undulating sandlime hills with lowerlying drainage lines.


Kalandula Falls is a broad, horseshoe shaped waterfall along the moderate to high volume Lucala River found in the northwestern part of Angola. The falls were known as Duque du Bragança Falls during the Angolan civil war between 1975 and 2002. The name was changed back to its original title once the conflict subsided. The falls have also been known as Dianzundu Falls, though less frequently. The spelling of Kalandula (or Calandula) appears to be preferential and either seems to be appropriate since the pronunciation is the same.