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The Black Rocks at Pungo Andongo (Pedras Negras de Pungo Andongo) are found some 116 km from the provincial capital of Malanje in Angola. They are a series of mysterious rock formations, many incredibly and spectacularly shaped in the form of animals, standing high above the flat African Savanna. There is a fort erected by the Portuguese in 1671. The region is noted for its 350-foot- (107-metre-) high Calandula waterfalls on the Lucala River; the Luando Game Reserve in the south; the Milando animal reserve in the north; and the Pungo Andongo stones, giant black monoliths associated with tribal legend.


The Capanda Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Kwanza River in Malanje Province, Angola. Built in 1987–2007 years the Russian company Tekhnopromexport, general designer – the institute Hydroproject (Chief Engineer – Ph.D Fedosov V.E.) The facility generates power by utilizing four turbines and 130 megawatts (170,000 hp) each, totalling the installed capacity to 520 megawatts (700,000 hp) . Total cost of US$4 billion. An additional cost of more than US$400 million was spent in repairing the damage caused during UNITA’s occupation of the area at the time of the Angolan Civil War in 1992 and 1999.


The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Malanje (Latin: Archidioecesis Malaniensis) is an archdiocese located in Malanje, Angola. Until its elevation to an archdiocese in 2011 it belonged to the Ecclesiastical province of Luanda, like the two dioceses over which it has now oversight: the Diocese of Uíje and the Diocese of Ndalatando.